For the Gardener

Whether you love gardening or you know someone else who does, Fairy Gardening brings a little enchantment into your own back yard!

Parents and Grandparents

Imagine the magical memories you'll make when you build a miniature Fairy Garden with your child!

No Brown Thumbs!

Fairy Gardens work perfectly with what we call "permanent" plants. Charming tea cup and dish gardens provide no-fuss sunshine and whimsy.

Square Roots

Fairy Garden Kits

Just Mini Gardens and Square Roots Fairy Garden Kits both came about as a result of unexpected discoveries, a fondness for the cute, small and sparkly, a lot of research and revision, and the creativity and dedication of the team at Just Gardens Supplies.

We are driven by our passion to bring you everything you need for amazing Fairy Gardens. We believe they should steal your heart and make you smile. We don't want to create miniature gardens with homely fairies and cheaply made accessories, and you shouldn't have to either! As a result, our buyer is committed to searching the market for the most beautiful fairies, cheerful gnomes and distinctive accessories, while keeping them affordable. Many are handcrafted right here in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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Square Roots Fairy Garden Kits

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Our first three kits have been released!

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